bondit peak Expedition

One of the well-known peaks in the Karakoram Mountain Range is Bondit Peak. At its summit, you could see peaks that were 8,000 metres high. Broad Peak (8047 metres), GI (8068 metres), K2 (8611 metres), and GII are among these peaks (8035 meters). You may see some incredible peaks, like K7, K6, GV, GIV, Drefeka, Amin Brakk, and Chongolingsa, from a height of 6000 to 7000 metres. Although there are many other peaks you may encounter, these are the most well-known. During the way, you'll see the locals' straightforward way of life and culture in addition to the breathtaking vistas of the enormous mountains. We shall pass through the valley of Kandey Village's summer clearing after a three-day hike.